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Downloading and installing NepidemiX


NepidemiX is written in Python and uses functions in some third party Python packages (most notably NetworkX and numpy). You will need these installed on your system before you can run NepidemiX. See the lists below for details.

Required software

  • Python 2.7 [ ]

    NepidemiX was written for python 2.7 (at the time when development started some of the third party packages did not support Python 3), Python 3 is currently not officially supported, but we are working on it.

  • numpy [ ]

    Download the latest version for your system and follow the installation instructions. Numpy can also be installed as part of the larger scipy package ( ) which brings many additional features.

  • NetworkX [ ]

    Download the latest version and follow the installation instructions for your system.

For developers

If you want to get NepidemiX directly from the development repository or generate this documentation you will in addition need.



We release the software at certain stages of development, and try to document the changes between each, making sure that the documentation is up to date et c. You can find the latest release below.

Save the file on your system, unpack it and follow the Installation instructions below.

Development repository

NepidemiX on github

Our development repository contains the working version of the code. By cloning this you can make sure that you will always have the latest version of the software. However, while this code may contain bug fixes and new features, it may also be unstable and not fully documented.

To clone a copy of the repository directly you can run the following:

>> git clone git://


To install, unpack the archive file you downloaded, open a terminal in the resulting NepidemiX directory and run the setup script as:

>> python install


  • You may need to run the above with administrator privileges or as super-user.
  • Advanced users: If you have several python versions installed on your system make sure that you run the right python (e.g. python2, python3).