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nepidemix.utilities.networkxtra.albert_barabasi_physrevlett_rigid(N, m, m0=None, p=0, q=0)

Implementation of the Albert and Barabasi preferential attachment algorithm as described in ‘Topology of Evolving Networks: Local Events and Universality’, Physical Review Letters Vol 85, Number 24, 1999.

Parameters :

N : int

Final network size,

m :int :

Number of links to add for each new node.

m0 : int, optional

Number of nodes in the original, simply connected graph. Requirement: m0 >= m if m0 == None, a default value of m will be used.

p :float, optional :

Probability of adding m new links to the existing network

q : float, optional

Probability of rewiring m existing links in the network

Returns :

G : networkx.Graph

The resulting graph.


If p = q = 0 then the algorithm will default to the algorithm described in ‘Emergence of Scaling in Random Networks’ by Barabasi and Albert, Science Vol 286, October 1999.