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ScriptedProcess.nodeUpdateRule(node, srcNetwork, dt)

Perform local node changes.

When called by Simulation this method will execute the matching rules for the current node in the same order they were given in the configuration file and, by some probability, follow it through; making changes to its state accordingly. As soon as one rule is matched the state is updated and no further rules are tested. If no rules matched of were triggered then the state remains unchanged.

Parameters :

node : networkx node, Structure: (<node id>, {<attribute name-value map>})

This is a copy of the current node and the target of any changes.

srcNetwork : networkx.Graph

A networkX graph, with the original nodes. Will remain unchanged.

dt : float

Time differential (float) as a fraction of time unit (since last update).

Returns :

node : networkx node

node with changes

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